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Hannah Mohamed

About US

   I have always wanted to shape the lives of children for the better. After my nieces were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – and I witnessed up close the struggles they faced in finding compassionate, effective treatment- I decided to dedicate myself to working with children with ASD. My goal is to provide children with ethically sound ABA therapy that will shape their lives to reach their full potential. I am a firm believer in early intervention and the power of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. I know without a shadow of a doubt that the services we provide can be life-changing. I cannot imagine doing anything else!

   I hold a Bachelor of Science in Child Development from Texas Women’s University and a Master of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from Capella University. I have eleven years of professional experience working with children with ASD, teaching an all-inclusive Pre-K class, doing social work with the State of Texas, specializing in the field of ABA in the last seven years. I am passionate about my work and take great pride in improving the lives of the families that I serve here at Blue Light Therapies.

Hannah Nur Mohamed
Founder and CEO, BCBA, LBA, MS

Blue Light Team

Meet the Blue Light Management Team


Blue Light Values "We"

At Blue Light, we believe that everyone plays a major part in creating the best outcome for the children we serve from the office manager to the BCBA, WE all work as a team to best serve the needs of our children. The entire team is passionate and driven to make a difference. Each team member is trained and registered to conduct therapy in accordance to their relative fields.


M.Ed, Lead BCBA, LBA

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Director of Speech services, SLP

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Office Administrator


Blue Light Mentor

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Clinical Operations Manager



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