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What is ABA therapy? 

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is the evidence-based, effective approach in teaching children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The methods of behavior analysis have been used and studied for decades. 

At Blue Light, we take a multidisciplinary, carefully crafted approach to learning.


Now enrolling for children with ASD between the ages 2-9. 

Our Services: 

ABA Therapy 

Social Skills

BlueLight specializes in quality ABA Therapy (learn more here). With trained, compassionate staff who integrate a dynamic play environment, make learning fun and effective for your loved one. 

ABA Therapy has been shown to improve communication skills, social skills, routine implementation, play skills, motor skills and MORE! 

Speech / OT Therapy 

ABA Therapy

Blue Light has now in-house speech for all of our clients. Blue Light has also partnered with out-patient/contract providers to provide kiddos with quality occupational, and physical therapy. Blue Light works with parents to provide the best, highest quality care possible!  

Art Therapy 

Art Therapy

Blue Light also specializes in providing kiddos quality art therapy (learn more here). With fun activities, caring staff, and creative crafts -- what isn't there to love? 

Art therapy has been shown to increase imaginative thinking, facial and emotional expression recognition, sensory management, and fine motor skills.  

Music Therapy 

Play Skills

Blue Light has partnered with Sounds Starts Music Therapy to provide kiddos with high quality music sessions. Jam out at Blue Light and inspire a life-long love of music in your loved one. 

Click here to learn more about Sounds Starts Music Therapy.

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ABA Parent Training 

Parent Training

Parent training is extremely important for generalization across settings.


Effective parent training increases the likelihood that your child will be able to complete tasks independently, without having to rely on others or in just one setting.


Parent training also focuses on minimizing disruptive behavior (tantrum/noncompliance/self-injury/etc.) 

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